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Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Day in the Park...

Today I got to spend a glorious day at the Magic Kingdom with my friend, Becky Baird! What a treat!! Not being used to the humidity was a challenge - but we found plenty of things to do to break up the "hot and sweatys." Best of all was seeing Becky's show twice and getting to participate both times - SO FUNNY.
The Magic Kingdom is all decked out for Fall and Halloween
The Mayor of Main Street USA - I love the design and colors!
And of course each lamppost is decorated with great details!
The home of Becky's show in Tomorrowland
Becky Baird - with one i!
The waiting area before heading into the show - and PS - this is one funny show. Each one is different and the performers are super talented.
While in the Magic Kingdom, we ran into a few characters - and that Captain Hook was very charming!
I got a kiss from Tweedle Dee - no joke! These are good guys...
Miss Becky and Chanel ride on some of Aladdin's magic carpets. We waited not at all for any of the rides we wanted to ride and we did it all by 11:00 a.m. It was quite fantastic.
Saying good-bye after an delightful day!


Josh said...

I am so officially jealous. How did the interview go? Did you get a Turkey Leg?

MKB said...

so jealous!

Anonymous said...

It’s unanimous - we are all jeoulous.
Any luck with the interview or was it the standard Disney brush off?
Would you even want to live there? You who were brought up in the Pacific Northwest? Think you could take the steamy south east with occasional hurricane? Just askin'.
Auntie Karen