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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bowling for the Awesome...

Tonight was a pre-season game of bowling for the Columbia Weather Systems bowling team. It was such fun!
My awesome bowling shoes
Trixie finds the perfect ball
Pierre makes it happen on the lane
Trixie is ready to pick up the spare
And Rita keeps bowling the strikes!
Pierre, Trixie, and Rita - the CWS Bowling All Stars!
And then after bowling, we went to Lowe's to buy some shelves for the office. And the power was out - and so they just took all the information down and let us take the shelves.
Jeff, and Mom and Dad get all the components in the Jeep...isn't everything more fun with a camera around?!
And then we were all hungry - so we went to Red Robin and apparently sang songs.



Granelda Thudpucker said...

Bowling?!?! Way cool.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys joining a league? Do you have your very OWN shoes and ball and cute bag to carry them in?
Auntie Karen