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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sometimes I think I should just keep my opinions to myself, but someone has got to be the voice of reason

Buy some new bed pillows. Why are you holding on to that bag of your own sweat and dead skin? Gross.

Don't walk into a room where people are watching their stories and no one is eating, and start eating. Unless you have some for them to eat - and they want to eat it.

Send more fun mail. Don't assume that people just "know" you think of them and love them.

Post-Its are more structurally sound when the sticky part is at the top. Why do people think it's the other way around?

Plan trips - with itineraries and everything. Even if you can't go today, you are ready to go when you can.

Go out of your way - and make a big deal of things. So much of each day is a hassle - we need to make a big deal about every happiness and success. Going out of your way shows people that you are willing to do more than just say "Hooray!" for them.

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