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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Oh no!!

I'm fully home now from Layton, Utah. The newest Malley babies wrapped their tiny fingers around my heart and are still pulling on them. I miss being there with Reyna and Seth and Bennett. I miss Penny and Potter...and Seamus wasn't really around enough for me to form an opinion. The Malleys really impressed me while I was there. They really are doing a magnificent job with their son and their new additions. Don't let them fool you - it's really hard work. They just make it look like they've been doing it forever.

I spent today getting back into my world. Cleaning, sorting, responding, watching. I did all those things today. I ran errands and did some initatories at the temple. I feel like I got a lot done and have a good handle on what the next six weeks will be like.

...and then I found that Neil Gaiman has a crazy awesome website. And there he keeps an amazing journal...which I am now fully addicted to reading. This is horrible!! I've got a pile of papers laying next to me on the bed - correcting pen waiting! I have never procrastinated judging people and yet here I am, reading further and further back in Neil Gaiman's archives.

If you're not familiar with the name, Gaiman is an author. Usually when I say the name, people say "Neil Diamond? I didn't know he wrote books." No, it's NOT Neil Diamond, whom I also love. Gaiman has written several books that are sort of modern fantasy morality tales. I'm glad I don't have to figure out where to file his books... One of my favorite books is one that he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett called Good Omens. FUNNY.

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