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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The new cable...

All things worth having come with work and challenges. The cable guy was over 20 minutes past his 2 hour window. Good thing I have a gazillion other things to be doing while I waited! But once he arrived he got our cable boxes installed and off we went. Except for the snag of having the cable box talk to the TiVo (or really, take orders from Marfa, our TiVo). Fortunately, Dad doesn't throw anything away - it's just a trick of figuring out where that one little cable is in the massive garage. At one point during the installation a head lamp was involved - but my Dad is always looking for excuses to wear his head lamp - so there you go.

Finally, it's all good. And I'm sure you're asking yourself - what did you watch first? And I'll tell you what I watched: GUTS on Nick GAS. That's right...the competition for kids on Nickelodeon. It was hilarious to watch it again - since, yes, I totally watched it back in the early 1990's. Sad and Awesome at the same time!

I've also set the TiVo to record two other old time faves:Finders Keepers - anyone else remember this one?
You might remember Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple. Even as a youth I loved me some game shows!

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Kelly said...

ohh! i remember finders keepers. i used to love that show! i always thought it would be fun to play... run through the house, tearing everything apart.