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Friday, October 10, 2008


...we are out of school. And can I say that sleeping in was AMAZING!? Holy Cow, I 'd forgotten how good that felt...really. So - I'm reflecting today...

Today I am loving the feeling of not waking up to an alarm of any kind. Even if the alarm is for 10 a.m. - I still feel like I just need more time. But if I just wake up on my own - I feel fantastic...like today!

Today I am loving the smell of my new body wash. It reminds me of being with a certain family in Shorewood, IL.

Today I am loving the taste of hazelnut hot chocolate. Having the syrups in the house is not good...or IS IT!?

Today I am loving the sight of a full TiVo que and plenty of time to get caught up on my stories.

Today I am loving sound of my iTunes library. I normally just listen to my play lists and mixes - but this morning I just set about shuffling through the whole library. Fun and and a little funny. Apparently I have a lot of Christmas music. Huh.

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Trixie L'Amour said...

I would love to sleep n someday...I'm going to keep it on my "To Do" list......