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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I made this!

A little boy in our ward at church is currently going through chemotherapy. He's only six and it's rough. Let's face it here: chemotherapy is rough at any age - but this boy is so sweet and is currently adding major anxiety attacks prior to each treatment. And, since I'm part of the worlds most rockin' Primary - we wanted to do something that might help and at least remind him that he is loved - even when his body is being pumped full of toxins...

SO - each family/child/Primary worker was given a quilt square to decorate and then donate to a big quilt to be given to him before his next treatment. The due date is...today (now that I look at the clock) and here is what I did with mine:
I stitched the writing and the "Jolly Roger" on the sail, the rest was just applique.
Detail of the top
Detail of the bottom. I do hope he likes it. If not...I'm taking it back.


Granelda Thudpucker said...

Awesome!! You rock!

mrsfussypants said...

That is so amazing. You are too talented for your own good.

petie said...

Love it! It's even better than you described.