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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Horn tooting...

So - today was the December meeting of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP). We had a fun gift exchange, and you have not lived until you've played "Dirty Santa" with most of the players being ladies in their seventies and eighties. Below is a picture of the gifts we came home with:
Mom got the cute Santa to add to her collection - and I got these place mats and napkins. They are really pretty.

Also, in other news...you may have noticed those cute costumes we were wearing in our musical number - and yes - we made them. I designed and created the pattern for the reindeer - but had Mom do the ACTUAL cutting, since I'm terrible at cutting. What you can't see is the texture in the antlers - they have paisley patterns in the felt - a really nice detail, if I do say so. Also - the skirts have glitter in the fabric - they aren't dirty or linty.

Finally - as promised, here is our tree. If you want a chance to see it in person - all you have to do is stop by...and bring $14.00. Just kidding....please, don't stop by.
And yes, I know the lights aren't on - but they make the pictures funky. If you want to picture them - they are white lights. And the angle doesn't show off the majesty of the tree...but I have to keep something for myself.


Mrs. Doctor said...

You ladies are so talented! Don't worry, I'm not stopping by anytime soon. :)

Granelda Thudpucker said...

I guess I will have to spend my $14.00 elsewhere. Love the skirts.