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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Christmas "Stop-by"

It seems that the Christmas "Stop-by's" have begun a little early this year. We are more used to them being on Christmas Eve - but we are not one's to pretend we're not home just because we're not wearing any pants. Just like a designated driver, we have one person assigned to be able to receive guests at the door while the rest of the crew...uh...completes their ensemble.

But more to the point - tonight we had three "stop-by's." One with delicious chocolate covered popcorn, another with the worlds greatest caramels, and the last - and really the most spectacular was a cake. In our ward, the Laurels get together each Sunday evening to bake and decorate cakes for folks in the ward. I'm not sure how it started or the reasoning - but I'm not one to turn down a cake. So, here it is:
Trixie with the cake
A cake! For us! With blue frosting!
We loved the details - the nose is an M&M on its edge - in relief!!
We are so amazed at the generosity of our friends and family!


bilbo said...

We got the world's best caramels too but we don't know who gave them to us. Like a beautiful baby, these culinary bits of heaven was left at our door step. Do you know who we can thank for them? (and perhaps beg them to make more)

Josh said...

Are you alive? Did you make your sandwich? Did you have a good new year? How was the phonecall with geoff? Let's hang out next time I am in Portland