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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reading books...

Over the last couple of years I've had a shift in my reading habits.  I still love going to the library. But,  now that I have a considerable commute each day, I go through a LOT of audio books.  Some are on CD, some are from iTunes, but either way - I "read" a lot in the car.  And here's my question - can I really say, "I read that book!" - when really I listened to someone else tell me that story?  This is a dilemma. Don't get me wrong, I read from actual books, too, or from my Kindle app, but really - I am much more likely to fall asleep than to sit and read more than 12 pages.

Another dilemma I face on a regular basis is what to read NEXT.  This is where a couple of my favorite websites really come in handy.

Social networking for word nerds, yes, but it also allows me to keep track of what I've read, and what I WANT to read in the future.  If someone makes a recommendation I will not remember that title or author when I'm at the library, I promise.  But this allows me to keep a running list and share with friends the books we're reading (or listening to someone else read...)

While you can get a lot of suggestions from Goodreads, YourNextRead allows you to enter the title of a book you like and then it creates a web of similar titles.  So - if you're looking for another funny novel, it'll give you suggestions of just that.  Goodreads suggestions are more based on books that folks like.  Just liking and rating a book doesn't tell me much about books that are similar to each other.  YourNextRead is also a very fun and pretty website. And I sure do love pretty things.

Please do enjoy...


Josh Bingham said...

Reading an audio book is reading a book. Period. End of sentence. It allows you to read in places where you normally couldn't read.


Also, thanks for the new site! I am giong to check it out!

Trixie L'Amour said...

What Josh said.
Oh, and you should use the Kourtney Hamilton method of remembering Book Title/Names...it's awesome fun!