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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Does this look dangerous to you?

Most of you know that I drive a very basic model Ford Focus. The Silver Bullet doesn't turn any heads but I still love her. The air conditioning works well and it has a great stereo. And these are the most important features, right?

Lately I've gotten some comments on the ghetto cable being used to connect my phone to the stereo. The ends have duct (not electrical) tape securing the frayed wires to the connector ends.  I felt that the arts and crafts time was well spent here.  But, still, the comments and questions about the cable.  And my typical response has been, "No, I'm pretty sure you won't get electrocuted..." but I always watch for signs of shock just to be a responsive citizen.

But shame and personal safety are good motivators.  So, don't worry - I got a new cord.

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