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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


If you know my mother, you know that laundry is something about which she has very passionate feelings.  I was trained in a very strict and regimented school of doing laundry.  To my mother's credit - her clothes have lasted for YEARS due to her fastidious clothes cleaning program.  But there is a slight mania to her method, and I try to find the balance in not washing each clothing item by itself and letting them hang to dry, while being true to my roots and upbringing.

I found out about The Laundress, no surprise, from my mother.  It is with more glee than I can convey that I introduce you to the tools and detergents of these women.  I wish it was practical to spend the kind of money on laundry soaps when doing laundry for 8 people. One day, one day...

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