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Saturday, April 4, 2009

While I was away...

This has been a full and fantastic week...and here's what I've been up to:

I flew to Burbank, and was picked up by Wonderful Ryan. We then went to lunch at the ever busy and delicious Porto's ...having some of the most delightful desserts after. There was this elegant raspberry mousse - that had a surprise of chocolate in the bottom. Yes. YES.

After lunch, Wonderful Ryan drove us down to Del Mar, introducing me to tons of music and literally making me hurt and sore with laughter. Incidentally, Wonderful Ryan and I were wearing the same outfit. Jeans and a purple top. That made us laugh, too. We arrived at the hotel and got settled and met up with the rest of the 6360 Crew for the first shoot - which went really smoothly and was a lot of fun. It also included a trip to the San Diego court house - and some funny footage of one of our crew running down the hall in her socks, only to try and slide and instead smack her face on the floor. I'm not sure if/when that footage will be available...but I'll let you know.

After we were all wrapped for the day Wonderful Ryan and I went to dinner at Il Fornaio in Del Mar. It was so lovely and elegant. It was just what I needed at the end of the day. Then I got a frozen custard cone...and slipped into a sugar coma.Tuesday was more shooting and then a drive back to Tujunga to the Aunt Hill. Wonderful Ryan and I stayed with Deeder and Karen for the rest of our trip. Tuesday was great - but I didn't do much. An extreme nap was taken and then I remember snacking...and then going to bed.

Wednesday was one of our "off" days from the shooting schedule, so Wonderful Ryan made reservations for us at Gordon Ramsy's at the London Hotel.
You should go check out the full menu, but for those who are interested, I had:
Caprese salad with burrata mozzarella and aged balsamic; Roasted breast of jidori chicken with braised romaine hearts, creamy pomme purée, lemon thyme jus; and chilled coconut tapioca with passion fruit, candied ginger, milk chocolate and star anise gelato. I also couldn't figure out how to make the lights brighter in the ladies washroom. So, yeah. It was so sophisticated and polished...I loved it. From there we went up to the Griffith Observatory walking around learning new things and then watching the new planetarium show. I highly recommend it! We then drove back to the Aunt Hill and had dinner and got ready for the last two days of shooting.

Thursday was an early day - but my schedule was very light. We shot all morning and then met for lunch at the Pasadena Police helipad for our traditional lunch catered by the incomparable Pie 'n Burger . I've talked about them before - but still - SO GOOD. If you're ever in Pasadena and can't think of a place to eat: Pie 'n Burger is your answer. In fact, the question doesn't matter - Pie 'n Burger should always be the answer.

After lunch, Wonderful Ryan and I killed time before our next call by attempting to go to the Huntington Museum - but not having tickets - we decided to go to the mall and ended up testing the massage chairs at Brookstone. With time sufficiently killed, we headed over to Pasadena City Hall to film the interviews...and guess who else was shooting there?! The cast and crew of Parks and Recreation! But, sadly, we didn't see Amy Poehler. But then we were done and I went home and crashed and sat on the couch watching the first DVDs of Summer Heights High .

Friday will get it's own post...so you'll just have to check back in...

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Trixie L'Amour said...

It sounds lke you had a great week....but we're still glad to have you home.....