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Monday, April 6, 2009

Not about Disneyland...

So - I know you're totally still waiting for me to write about my time at Disneyland - but this isn't it. This post is about how I'm so excited to have all the talks from the most recent General Conference as podcasts. While I was not able to watch the Saturday sessions, I'm now almost caught up because I've been able to listen to the talks on my iPod...during my break at work and while I was shopping at horrible WinCo. I like the prices at WinCo (which is why I shop there) but I have a hard time with the atmosphere and people. But it was SO MUCH easier not to get angry while listening to the conference talks. So - if you want to get the talks in podcast form head over here . I used the link to go through iTunes - so this isn't any kind of tutorial about how to make it work if you don't use iTunes.

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