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Monday, April 9, 2007

Not an Easter bonnet...

Easter Morning - Bennett and me just before church.
We went to church - with a packed house due to two baby blessings and it being Easter. It must have been 9000 degrees in the chapel - so we bailed about halfway through. I'm sure most of the folks in the congregation thought we we're headed to the hospital to deliver babies. But no.

Miss Reyna is still pregnant, with contractions aplenty. Strong but irregular - so just annoying. Mister Seth has been doing well since he had a change in meds and has been able to rest a little. There are still no answers for his "seizure disorder" and that's got to be the most frustrating of all.

I'm headed home to Portland tomorrow morning, and will get back into the swing of school and stuff.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!

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