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Friday, April 6, 2007

My Birthday Philosophy...

My personal birthday philosophy is that a big deal should be made. Really, a big deal should be made about most things - except water fights, which I hate. But seriously - "Make a BIG Deal!" This becomes troublesome for everyone else in the world who doesn't need a big hoopla for their birthday. This then causes the philosophy to change and become: "It's your birthday, too bad for you*!" I'll force you to go somewhere you may not like for dinner, give you presents that I think you should have and then I'll heap unwanted attention on you for your special day. Really it's for your own good, you know. Most recently my uncle Crockpot had to endure "It's your birthday, too bad for you*!" And he endured it very well.

*this is not the actual wording of the philosophy, but I thought I'd clean it up for general consumption. If you don't know what it really is...you don't want to know.

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