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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Quiet in the library

First I want to say that I fully support the quiet in the library policy - always have. But where did it come from? Was it the monks who were too chatty when writing out the texts and so a vow of silence reaches across time so that librarians spend their time "keeping it down" all over the library? Seriously. And who doesn't understand (when there are signs everywhere) that a quiet floor means we should only hear the pages turning and notes being taken and to turn off the freaking cell phone - and for the love of all that is holy - don't answer it and talk!!! It's like lighting up under a no smoking sign...seriously.I like being quiet in the library. Because then it means I can get all huffy and sideways glancey when dumb girls answer their phones on the quiet floor. It's hard to read Therese Raquin when you'd be happy to murder the frat boy on his phone behind you. Art imitates life, yes? YES.

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Sarah said...

I'm right with you on this one. Cell phone talkers in the library bring out the claws in me.