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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Back in class!

Yesterday I went back to actually sitting in classes. I am getting so much more done now that there is so much more to be done. It's amazing how busy people get so much more done in the day. I'm a writing assistant for a class that I took last year. I'm also a research assistant, hunting down really old alumni for the College of Fine and Performing Arts. It's a pretty great gig - except for my boss. I'll call her the Fish.
The Fish is only about 4 months old in her fundraising job with the college. And she is so not technically savvy AT ALL. But because she's a schmalzy fundraiser, she makes it sound like she invented Google, all by her lonesome. And the great part of this project is that so much of it is computer based. So, yeah. Every other person in the office is super nice and super helpful...but the Fish kind of makes me want to grab her ear and twist.

In totally other news, I started my aquatic aerobics classes last night. This morning, my shallow water class has left my upper arms just sore enough to remember how bad they hurt at the time. That Keith (this morning's instructor) is quite a motivator, since I would never work that hard on my own...for reals
School is real good. I had forgotten how much I love routine and schedules. And that I'm a mess.

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