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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Not a grinch...more Switzerland

So I guess I'm having a hard time feeling Christmasy. I have decorated the house...but I don't feel any more in the Spirit of things. I'm listening to the music and stuff. I've watched White Christmas, which I love. But I'm still very neutral about the whole thing.

Little else is in the news lately which is why the blogs are so sparse. I can't even think of a single thought worth sharing. But finals are now over. My acting final had me playing a trampy waitress who brings a guy home, sleeps with him and then gets stabbed to death. But we had to cut the stabbing, as the scene was too long. Sad. But the teacher liked my work, so there you go. Today I took the final in Development of Dramatic Art. Almost none of the students brought paper to write on as we thought the professor would write the test with room for the answers. Boy, were we wrong! So I stepped down the hall to the sociology department office and stole a ream of paper. I saved the day. And wrote a pretty good essay...BY HAND! Dude, I type everything now, so when I was done writing today - my hand was shaking and very sore.

I'm working in the CampFire office now, part time...but they still gave me a desk and a box and a key to the building and all kinds of stuff. Right now I'm just coordinating the applicants for the new positions and updating all the paperwork. Nerdy thinks that I enjoy doing. Plus they pay me...so I enjoy that, too.

My health has almost fully recovered - I can laugh without going into a coughing fit and when I wake up my throat doesn't feel as on fire or closed. I am very grateful for the blessing I received and the recovery...being sick is so awful. But having car trouble is worse, so I'm glad I got sick and am not dealing with car issues.

But yeah. My heart seems to say..."Holiday, Schmoliday."

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