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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Grandma Awesomeness...

I'm really starting to enjoy my grandma status/tendencies. I need very little entertainment from other people - in that we can just sit and visit...no need for elaborate plans or activities.

I pulled the Grandma Card (AARP) on Tuesday evening. Some friends from camp had gotten married in New Zealand and were finally having a wedding party to celebrate. So it was a great camp friend reunion. There was pretty nice hosted bar and the catered food was SO GOOD! Lebanese Lamb Tartlet? YES, PLEASE! Everyone else was enjoying the bar - Grandma enjoyed the buffet. And after the party was winding down, the camp crowd headed to a bar - Grandma came home and played a few rounds of Mahjongg before going to bed. There was a time when I would have been depressed by these choices.

But yesterday I met with 3 of the drunk camp friends for lunch. They had, of course, had a sleep over - all trying to share a full sized bed. When we all met up one of my friends actually said "Oh, you look so fresh...we haven't even brushed our teeth!" The Grandma inside me was so happy and proud. For REAL.


breakfast beaver said...

OH MY GOSH I love that picture. How precious is that grandma? I can't count the times I have enjoyed a festive and bright eyed day while I watch the hosers with their special hangovers. God love 'em.


Anonymous said...

Dear Breakfast Beaver
You may be interested to know that as you grow older you no longer need hosing (or alcohol) to give you that "I wish I hadn't done that last night" feeling. Now, I get that feeling without indulging in ANY vices... you will too someday. :)
Great Grandma