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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What a party...

Yet another success for the holiday home evening. The Taylor famiily transformed the relief society room into a very home-y performance space...and we were blown away by the talent tonight! We kicked it off as the Chipmunks performing Christmas Don't Be Late...but then we had the Temptations and Ertha Kitt and even Elvis tonight. I haven't laughed this hard in a few days. It really was fun and was all got to sit and visit and have a great time.

Oh, and yes, Geoff is warming his buns by the fire on the TV that we took over to the church. He found a DVD of a fire burning and hatched the scheme to take the TV over and have a fire in the church. And did we ever! The fire was the biggest hit of the evening - and that's really saying something.

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breakfast beaver said...

Why do I feel like I was adopted?