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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Behind the times

TOMORROW is the first day of December. The official beginning to the Christmas season. I don't care what the stores or newspaper ads or stupid radio stations say. Christmas is celebrated in the month of December and not a day earlier. I'm awful excited to get the decorations out, though. And start making lists...I do love lists. What to buy, what to send, for whom, to whom...etc.

In totally unrelated news...what's up with Chris Clark's new blog format that doesn't have a comments option?


Deeder V said...

As a kid Christmas at our house always began with the assembly of the artificial tree on Thanksgiving. These days I wish Christmas was only once every four years or so, like the Olympics, which are still prestigious and special.

breakfast beaver said...

Yeah, Chris totally double clapped all the comments! In related news, I love the fact that we agree that Christmas is a December holiday! Just bought my tree last night, it's a 7 footer so I'm pretty pleased. That's nothin' to people in Oregon, but for a LV vixen it's pretty damn hot!

Anonymous said...

I live the spirit of YULE every day...NOT
I used to be nutsy coo-coo about the holiday. Maybe 12 years with Deeder has turned me around.
I like to decorate and make the house smell good and be cozy. Beyond that... you can have it all.
Don't worry Nel your packages will be on their way soon.
Deeder and I are such that what ever we want we seem to buy for ourselves. Maybe next year we won't buy anything all year and give people a list to pick from. What do you think?
A Karen

Josh said...

What is up with Chris's blog? He's so hoity-toity, that one. But wasn't it about time for a Delilah blog? My favorite Delilah moment recently (and there are so many) was when the girl called in to dedicate a song to her mom because she was 17 and just had a baby and awesome enough, her mom had a baby the same week and they were so close now! Delilah's song choice: Manneheim Steamroller's "Little Drummer Boy."

I, for one, start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween. Thanksgiving is a non-holiday in my book, or more accurately, just an extension of Christmas.

Maybe it is because I work in retail.

lisa v. clark said...

Chris Clark just HAS to be different. . . whatever. I miss the comments, too, but Christopher felt "the pressure" of them. . . whatever. Merry Christmas!

I love White Christmas, too--but another classic is A Christmas Story. Maybe if you watch that it'll put you in the mood ;0)