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Monday, November 7, 2005

Serving can be fun!

It's been a full weekend and start to the week. Saturday and Sunday were spent out at Camp for a work weekend, helping to shut down the camp for the winter. I also took along my folks, mainly in an attempt to woo them away from the Boy Scouts. On Saturday my mother and I were in charge of the burn pile. If you don't know what a burn pile is...I'm sure you can figure it out by the name. We burned stuff all day long...in the pouring rain. We were never cold, just soaked to the skin. I was amazed by my mom's excitement and thrilled that it was genuine. That evening, Dad joined us for dinner and we were all so tired that we went up to our cabin after dinner and were in bed by 8:30 p.m. On Sunday we had breakfast and then Dad joined the boys in the shop, repairing and rebuilding benches from the dining hall. Mom and I lit another fire, but this time we stayed dry, thank goodness!!

We got home yesterday afternoon to find that Geoff had cleaned, vacuumed, and was set to make a dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup. So, he's either trying to cover for something awful he did, or he really is that great. So far we haven't heard anything or found a stray beer bottle, so we're going with the latter.

This morning I got up to drive BACK out to camp. Katie, my summer boss had shoulder surgery last week and needed a ride to a follow up appointment with the doctor. So off I went to pick her up, take her to the appointment and Target and then to lunch before dropping her off for a nap. I wish I was taking a nap. I stopped and shopped for a few items for my trip this weekend and now I'm home getting ready for my 3 days of school this week.

But I must say that it felt very good to be of service these past few days. So I guess service can be fun...huh.


trixiel said...

who knew?

breakfast beaver said...

You know when service is fun? When you get PAID, dawg! Oh, shoot.