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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not much new...

Friends - summer has arrived and this is the first summer in a while that I've had a normal job - where you work during the summer. I will be headed to Girls Camp at the end of July (for which I am buying myself a bullhorn/megaphone) and hope to not get a sunburn this summer. I also have a goal to post more. Finding things to post about is proving a little more challenging as not too many of you care about calling sub-contractors or how certain co-workers are STILL confused by the computer machine. So - it'll be what it is.

And here's what it is today: some random questions and their answers.

What's the last thing you do to get ready to go somewhere?
I check my purse for the essential items (phone, gum, Soft Cheeks) and then find my keys.

Are there any famous (living) people in your family?
So - I'm not related to anyone famous - or infamous - which I guess is good.

What’s the closest thing to you that's red?
My pencil cup - see:

What is the last dream you remember having? Any reality to it?
I dreamed the other night that I was at Disney World with the Malleys and we were spending our last afternoon there and then packing up and heading home. In the dream we were having a hard time determining who had the tickets, etc. The reality comes in that we really were at Disney World in February. But lost tickets?! Don't let's be silly!

Did you meet anybody new today?
So far, I have not. I thought I had - but turns out I'd met that guy before. Good thing I didn't say anything to give away the fact that I didn't remember him.

What's the strangest craving you've ever had? Did you fulfill it?
I don't usually crave "strange" things - or things I've never eaten. My strongest craving was for steak fries. And I don't think I fulfilled it that day. But I've had steak fries since, so I guess I'll say yes. And now I just want steak fries.

What does watermelon make you think of?
Watermelon makes me think of several things. First, it makes me think of my luau birthday parties - where my folks made fruit bowls out of them. Second, is that it is NOT a dessert item, no matter what the folks at Camp Namanu try to tell us. It's a great summer treat anytime - but please don't try and tell me that THAT'S dessert.

Are you emotional?
Oh yes - highly.

What is your preferred mode of transportation?
I prefer to be a driver of a car. I do love to fly. If I just need to get to a place that's a long distance away - I'll fly. But if the road trip is just as much about the stops along the way - then I do enjoy a good road trip. I have this fantasy of owning a Vespa, though.

Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
I bite the ice cream. Usually it's melting so licking is also required, but I'm for sure EATING that ice cream.

Do you have any gray hairs?
Oh, yes. Some lucky people get to play "Pluck Miss Five's gray hairs!" and they know who they are. I dyed my hair once this year and it lasted for several months. I'm due.

Do you like the person you are today?
I don't think I do. I'm on edge today - and my brain seems disconnected from my body and location. I'm certainly not the kindest version of myself - which is not good.

Would you go out to eat with someone who committed a violent crime? (murder, for example)
I'd need to know the history and what happened but, generally, no. Also - did a murderer invite me to dinner or are we just having to share a table? This question reminds me of Ken Craig's story about the lady who said, "Let's say I stabbed a guy..."

What's the last song you heard that you knew all the lyrics to?
Don't Stop Belivin' - Journey. On the drive into work.

Were your parents strict?
No, they really weren't. There were rules and expectations and you knew that Mom would smack the ever-living-Hell out of you if you were a smart mouth (which I was) but the rules were not crazy or weird or unfair in any way. Except the rules about laundry - which I will never understand. We never had a curfew - you just had to be on time and ready for whatever you needed to be doing the next day.

Would you go sky diving?
No way, Jose! I just want to say that I have adrenalin rushes regularly enough - I don't need to fall out of a plane to have that.

What is your favorite word and why?
Today, I have to go with turd. It's funny to say, it's funny to read. It doesn't come up often so - it's also great because it's no overused. Turd burger? FUNNY.

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