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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh the week I had...

So - this past week was not the greatest...

Sunday: Tried to unplug griddle. Plug burst into flames in my hand. Result = second degree burns, bandages and sedation.Monday: Attacked by student. Kicked and hit and threatened.
Result = me sobbing in my car for 30 minutes and then pressure washing in the backyard.

Tuesday: Having to debrief attack. Cried some more.
Result = Extreme relief when the Binghams had a false alarm and I called in a sub for Wednesday.

Wednesday: Binghams didn't have baby. Head filled with pressure and was quite queasy all day.
Result = sleeping most of the day away. Kind of a waste and kind of a relief.

Thursday: Attacking student back at school after suspension. Continued with nausea and cold symptoms.
Result = not swine flu.

Friday: All students at school were flying high. Other staff getting slapped in the face.
Result = sheer joy at having made it through the week and to be at my dance class.

The weekend was SO much better - and going into this week things are already looking up. It's only a three day week at work, thanks to parent/teacher conferences.


Granelda Thudpucker said...


What a week. I think you need to come see me for a mini vacation.
I am sure this week will improve after all in can only go one way from here.......up

grannybabs said...

Where do you teach? What kind of place is it? (Sounds dangerous!!)

cricket said...

I am sooo sorry ...hope your hand gets better, and you stay safe!!