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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Shower for my friend Petie...

Today I hosted a baby shower for my friend Petie from Table and Singlepot . She's having her third baby and her first girl.
Miss Five and Petie before the ladies arrive. She just came from Russ...lucky.
Tables with fresh growing flowers and candles...room for all.
Giant cupcakes waiting in the kitchen to be served...
Up close...the picks were all different papers - to match the birds I made for the flowers on the tables.
I am particularly proud of these birds because it was a project of tracing and cutting. I am not a good cutter-outer of things. At all. These few that I made took me a LONG time. And I am VERY proud of them.

The luncheon was cashew chicken salad sandwiches (on croissants), fresh green salad with cranberries and feta, and fresh fruit salad (including mangoes and pineapple).

There were lots of cute gifts - cuz it's a girls shower! But the HIT had to be the sparkly pink Converse that Kourtney brought. WOW. Do they come in a ladies 9?

So, now it's over. The shower was such fun. I got to meet new ladies and reconnect with a friend from high school! And mostly - I got to have lunch and visit with my friend, Petie.

Good luck, Miss Petie - and I am very excited to meet the newest Bingham!


mrsfussypants said...

Perfect! That was exactly the photo tour I was hoping for. Just wish I could have been there...

Lisa said...

Fabulous! It looks absolutely fabulous! Wish I could have been there, too! (You had me at cashew chicken salad. . . )

Hailey said...

I might cry about those giant cupcakes! Did you make those?

Rachel's Roost said...

Such a fun shower. I was so glad to have met you yesterday. Thanks for all the wonderful hospitality!

Amander said...

You are the hostess with the mostest! Er, mostess? Thanks for the cut-out bird. It reminds me of you daily!