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Monday, June 30, 2008

My amazing Craigs

So - I just have to give a shout out to my friends the Craigs - who just added Rebecca "Becca" Craig to their family on Saturday. And yes - this is how Katie looked after delivering Miss Becca. And go read the whole delivery story - it's so great. When I called to chat with one of the proud parents - I also got to talk to proud big Sister - and this was a highlight of my conversation with her:

Me: So what do you have for dinner on a day when a baby was delivered at your house?

P.B.S.: Um, I don't know - someone's bringing it over.

Me: Well, duh. Of course!

And really - I'm so glad that a fab friend "someone" was bringing over dinner - because frankly - what DO you cook on a day when you've delivered a baby - as pusher or catcher?! My vote would be: Monte Cristos and Fudgesicles. I'm also sad that I couldn't actually deliver that menu - because I think Monte Cristos would be a big hit in Vegas. But hooray for friends who see a need and just fill it.

What would you make if you were taking dinner to a family who just delivered a baby in their downstairs loo?


MKB said...


Jonelle said...

Well, Miss Five, since I am the one that brought that dinner and who has been stalking your fantastic blog... I will tell you. I made my famous ravioli lasagna. It is simple and delicious. Layer spaghetti sauce, cooked raviolis, ricotta cheese, baby spinach leaves, 21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joe's, and moz. cheese, and then do it all over again. I also made a salad with veggies, gorgonzola cheese and dried orange flavored cranberries, and then I made herbed breadsticks with garlic butter. Only the best for the Craig's and their fantabulousness. So, now you know! But, I expect when you come for a visit to be invited over for Monte Cristo's and Fudgesicles because I love both! I am sure the food with the company would be a magical day.:) Enjoy your scotch!
PS.. I met your brother! He is a great person and missionary!

Mrs. Doctor said...

She looks amazing! I'm a little jealous.

Trixie L'Amour said...

A-mazing! Absolutely Amazing!

Karen said...

Having babies agrees with her!
I will have to read the birthing story.
Ms. Jonelle.. I'm not having a baby but can you bring dinner to MY house, too?
I would have probably brought KFC, pitched on the table and the grabbed the baby!
Hey! It worked for Chanel's parents... oh "these many" years ago.