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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh, and diary...

I am loving the smell of: a dry, Fall day in Oregon. Last week it was so rainy - and rain smells good, too, but the crisp leaves and the cool air is so lovely.

I am loving the sound of: "Girlfriend" on Guitar Hero II. It's been so fun to play and apparently get a little better. I'm rockin' out, man!

I am loving the taste of: Bolognese from a great little Italian place downtown. Oh, hold me!! Meat sauce and big noodles and delightful company. What could be better?

I am loving the sight of: those tables in the garage. If you know what I'm talking about - then you know why they are such a great sight! So much space - and so much easy access. Way to go, Dad!

I am loving the feel of: folded laundry being put away. It just feels so good to have laundry done

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