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Friday, August 10, 2007

You need these, and so do I!

I was visiting Oh Happy Day and saw a featured item from
Greer Chicago. So up my alley!!

From their website:
"In our campaign against rudeness and incivility (think Sisyphus and the rock,) we created these portable thank you notes (sized to fit purse, pocket or wallet) to inject a little more thoughtfulness, appreciation and respect into this world; a little more "Thank You" and a little less "Blank You," if you will.
Hand one to the stranger who used his van to push your idiotically gas-free car to the nearest station (true story,) drop one on the desk of the colleague who spoke up for you during that contentious meeting, place one in the tip jar at your local coffee shop (preferably with a dollar bill wrapped around it.)
With Civilettes we unashamedly hope to spark a "civil-ution," aided in part by the "Please reuse" printed on the back of each card. Cards are printed in brown on heavy white 100% cotton paper encased in a sturdy, yet elegant chocolate package embossed in silver"

And at only 6.95 for 10 cards = AWESOME DEAL! Great gift...

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Trixie L'Amour said...

What a wonderful idea! We all need this!