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Friday, August 31, 2007


I've been done with camp now for almost a full week - it was nice to be able to be a "swing" employee - not having to stay for all the heavy cleaning. Camp ended well, with me helping the nurse for the whole week, especially shutting down the house of health once all the kiddos were back with their folks.

I learned a lot about campers, especially their bowel habits. I must have asked 3o kids if their bowels had moved at some point during the week. Nosey, but necessary. One of the 8th grade boys had convinced himself that he had appendicitis - but really it had been over four days since his last BM. Yeah. That was the highlight of my week. Oh, wait, no. The highlight was when a staff member came in, panicked, with the fact that an insect had flown into her ear canal and gotten trapped. I drowned it with hydrogen peroxide, but a real doc had to remove the carcass from her ear. AWESOME.

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