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Saturday, August 18, 2007

A fun week...

This week has flown by! At the end of last week, I was asked to drive our Outpost unit out to Central Oregon for their "Extreme Week." Some of the staff didn't think I would go for it, as it involved cooking and sleeping like this:
Not too shabby - as long as no one calls them "tube steaks" I'm fine. Plus, I can do just about anything for three days. By Wednesday night we were back in camp and I had had a shower. That is just fine by me!
So we went to Smith Rock
and the kids did all kinds of rock climbing, and even learned to belay. I'm an excellent belayer - because I can act as an excellent anchor.
After two days of rock climbing, we then drove to Maupin, Oregon to spend the night before a white water rafting trip on the Deschutes river. I ended up not going, as I have developed a cold. But it did get to be 106 degrees in Maupin on Wednesday. YIKES.
I really enjoyed this week at camp: we all worked hard and laughed a lot and ate really well. Sadly, the fire danger was so high, we couldn't have a fire and make s'mores. But really, I can make those anytime over my gas range...so it's cool.

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Anonymous said...

What is Belaying?
I thought that is what I say in the morning. "Hey I belaying down here!"
I am glad you had a good time with the kids. Looks pretty and fun and really exciting.
When will camp be over for you?
What is on your horizon?
Auntie Karen