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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Apotheca Malley

IF you're ever going to vacation or be sick...or both...the place to do it is the Malley Apotheca. Since the last day of camp I've been very nauseous...praying for the ability to vomit and end the misery. This was unpleasant at camp and at home, but it's an even bigger inconvenience when vacationing in Utah. The food around here is so good - it's so sad to have to miss out since the idea of food makes me want to ralph. But this morning, Cap'n Malley and Malley Haus Frau got me some Pepto and club soda - and things are looking up. Plus, on Sunterday there is plenty of napping, reading, watching football, and (apparently) not barfing. HOORAY.

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