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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Out of the woods...

To anyone who checks my blog, I'm so sorry for the last 3 months. Being out at Camp Namanu left little time to try and blog and on my 22 hours off, I could barely read all my e-mails, let alone write back.

But the good news is that camp was so much fun. A lot of work, but there was much fun to be had! I was the office manager and nurse's assistant. For the first month of camp I spent every Tuesday going to the emergency room. One night we had two campers going in...but usually it was only one camper at a time. We did have some staff injuries...like my dear friend Matt - who broke his leg during staff training...leading our Risk management workshop...NO JOKE.

Mainly my world was paperwork and band-aids...and getting the mail and running the camp store. I also answered the phone...a lot.

It's a really good thing I'm headed to Utah tomorrow, because I think I'm starting to get camp sick...like home sick...but for camp.


Miss Baird said...

Oh my gosh, what joy filled my heart to see a new blog. I checked...a lot. Just to make sure I wasn't missing your one-time-only entry.

You look good, lady. Call me when you're back to life and stuff.

Have fun in Utah with all the peeps!

Josh said...

So when I consulted the "Hitchhikers Guide to Chanel" under the heading "Living in the Woods for Several Months" I though it would say "Ann Black Hates!" How surprising that you are such a camper.