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I'm a Great Northwesterner that is now loving life in the Midwest. I am a world class napper. I'm very bossy. I clearly love a good glass of Scotch. I wear aprons every chance I get.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Make new friends?

After feeling poorly for two weeks, I discussed my symptoms with my aunt - and we realized that I'd contracted a parasite up at camp! Thank goodness for Mina and Dr. Pierce (our family doctor) as they diagnosed over the phone - and called the pharmacy in Boise to get me on antibiotics. This made the trip of canning peaches so much more enjoyable. I learned how to can peaches - and the most important thing to remember is to have at least four grown adults doing the work. My Aunt Connie and Uncle Crockpot and Grandma and Grandpa "put up" 72 quarts of peaches in four hours. I worked on my knife phobia and did my best to be more of a help than a hindrance...but it sure was fun. And we have a great new song about the whole thing.

It's so hard to believe that I've been away so long - getting settled in at home is taking a while - but I'm getting a lot done in preparations for my trip to Europe. Trip details will be coming soon but a countdown is underway....19 days until departure!


Josh said...

Mmm...peaches! Can you send a couple of those bottles this way? Today I am going to Linda's to can grape jelly. And I grew the grapes m'self! And by "grew" I mean watched them take over my yard.


breakfast beaver said...

You are a domestic goddess. Now get in the kitchen and make me some peach cobbler! And a puddin' pop, Claire!