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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Since I've been home...

'I went to see three movies...that's more than Ive been to in the last four months combined. I saw Beerfest with my father, Talladega Nights with my brother, and Little Miss Sunshine with my mother. I wonder if our selections have revealed too much about my relationship with my family members.

I worked at my mom's office doing simple assembly stuff...mindless and tax free.

I went to the circus. The greatest show on Earth? Probably not. But I went with Eric Snider - so that made it fun. The most enjoyable aspect of being in the audience at the circus is that you don't have to try to keep quiet during the show - because there is no real story to follow and the music is loud enough to cover anything I would say...at full volume. I know!

I went on a tour of the Portland Underground Tunnels - haunted and all. My friend Ryan from Los Angeles is in town visiting with his mother (who is very nice). Their main purpose was to see Wicked which is in town. But they invited me to join them on the tour of the underground tunnels in Portland which were used for "Shanghai-ing" people and white slavery. Creepy and HOT. You'd think that being underground it would have some sense of cool...and you'd be wrong. But the tour was very interesting. I didn't have any haunting experiences my ownself...nor anyone in my party. But I would go again...

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