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Wednesday, March 1, 2006


The Dosha Spa is my new favorite place on Earth. Yesterday I got a massage with my Spa Buddy. But this wasn't just a "get on the table, get rubbed, get out" kind of deal. We walked in - the door was opened for us by a staff member - and checked in. We then were offered tea or water and were then escorted upstairs. The Spa Host welcomed us and walked us around, helping us orient ourselves to the glorious surroundings.

We each got a lovely changing room, with a fluffy robe and spa shoes to wear during our stay. In the changing room is also a shower with lovely Aveda products to enjoy (as well as hair products and tools, but I'm getting ahead of myself). Once in our robes we sat and visited for a few minutes - very soothing and relaxing. Then we met our massage therapists - Stephanie was lovely. Nice soothing voice and amazing power in her hands. After selecting a scent for the face rest (jasmine) we were into the rubbing. I had no idea I hurt so bad. YIKES. I'm going to need to visit Stephanie much more often. Pity.

After the massage was over, I enjoyed the shower and hair products and an amazing hair dryer. I also enjoyed the fact that I could turn up the soothing music in my dressing room so that I could hear it whilst I showered. I need that feature in more aspects of my life.

Once redressed and relaxed, the Spa Host got us more water and took us back downstairs. I have to say I was very sad to leave. Good thing my Spa Buddy and I will be back in six weeks. It's always nice to have something to look forward to.


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Josh said...

Who's spa buddy and why isn't it me? I think the last time I got a massage was 8 years ago. I need one. And a diet coke.