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Monday, February 27, 2006

I could have danced all night...

This past Saturday I hosted a 30th wedding anniversary party for my parents. I rented a hall from the Hillsboro Parks and Recreation department called the River House and we decorated in white, sage green, and light pink. Flowers on every table as well as many pictures of the honored couple on display. Geoffrey created a CD of the special songs of Mom and Dad as a party favor.
The day actually went very smoothly - with only the picking up of flowers and cakes as final duties (hee, hee...duties). Oh, and coming up with some sort of guest book, as Mom let me know the night before the party that she wanted some sort of book or way to log attendance. So we had all the guests sign the mat of a picture of Mom and Dad. I think it turned out wonderfully!
We had over eighty guests arrive and wish well and eat and enjoy. I had a great time mixing and mingling. This did cut into my focused chatting time, but what can you do as a hostess?
We had cards of trivia about the couple and as a group shouted out answers and had Mom and Dad give the real answers - it was kind of like the Match Game, but with out Boobs or Mother-in-Law as any of the answers.
I was so relieved to reach 10:00 p.m. and have everything done and the whole party having gone off without a hitch. I got so many compliments on the decorations, food, punch, cake, music, the hall...it was so gratifying to know that all that work was SO worth it!

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breakfast beaver said...

Congrats on what looks like a smashing evening...and can we discuss your outfit/makeup/earings? 'Cuz you are BEEEEEEAUTIFUL. Keep you off the golf course!

Your parents look real nice too. Way to be a happily married couple!