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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Living for...

Why is it that having a big event to look forward to is so much fun and then when it's over, it's so sad? I've got plenty upcoming, but am sad to have the past weekend over.

Geoff and I flew to Las Vegas on Thursday night, stayed at Casa de Craig in the guest suite. It was so nice of Abbie and Roxanna to give up their room for us. The Malleys had arrived earlier in the day. And I'm thrilled to report that they (the Craigs and the Malleys) have officially hit it off. I think they're in love. The beginning of something beautiful...I could go on and on...

For Geoff, the golf was AMAZING. The best day of golf in his life, he says. Once back at the Craigs naps were had, visiting, lunching, and prepping for the Coldplay concert. The concert to end all concerts. I'm just grateful that my awesome friends were willing to include my brother in their festivities. Katie and I had a party with the kids, watching Babe. And, yes, I cried. I started crying when Rex ran back to the farm and then for the rest of the picture. I'm sticking with the story that I was 'Very TIRED."

Saturday - chocolate chip pancake sandwiches. YOWZA. Back to Lake Las Vegas for a tour...a three hour tour, if you get my meaning. Dinner...oh, salmon, how did you get selected as the chosen fish of the Lamb? A quick stop at the Apple Store and then FONDU at the Craigs. Now, I've had fondu other places, but it never tastes as good as it does at the Craigs. At this point I must have been running on 11 hours of sleep (out of a possible 24) so I finally hit the wall at 1:30 a.m.

Geoff and I attended church with the Craigs, and the Malleys continued on their journey to Santa Barbara and Becky attended another ward with friends. We went to church right after Tanner Craig lost his lunch down my sleeve and skirt. When I felt the barf hit my shoe, I was just pleased with myself for not barfing my ownself. Yea me! It was a very nice meeting and then Geoff and I headed home for naps and packing. The Steelers beat the Seahawks - woohoo - and we got to watch it, as I declared it Super Sunterday at the Craigs.

Sadly, all the fun and laughter and gabbing had to come to an end. Geoff and I hopped back in our rental car,..and put Linda our directions maven to work. We had about an hour to wait for our plane as it had been delayed. But we got great seats and flew home. I'm not sure how long it will take for my sinuses to readjust to the wet weather, but I hope it's soon as I'm very stuffed up.

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