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I'm a Great Northwesterner that is now loving life in the Midwest. I am a world class napper. I'm very bossy. I clearly love a good glass of Scotch. I wear aprons every chance I get.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Starting to relax...

Good Morning. I've been up since 5:45 a.m. I'm also sitting in the Lake Las Vegas resort. I've dropped Geoff off at Reflection Bay for a round of golf and I've had breakfast with Becky Baird. How does a day get any better? I'm enjoying the quiet and serenity. Oh, the serenity. I really can't wait to hear all about the day of golf.


petie said...

What is Becky Baird eating?? That must not be her. I can't wait to hear the update of the fabulous Vegas weekend.

breakfast beaver said...

Oh, it's me alright. I asked the waitress to substitute "house potatoes" for meat 'cause I don't eat things that had faces, and she brought me "french fries". I know they had "house potatoes" because they slapped 'em on Chanel's plate. I guess they knew I just needed some fries and ketchup at 7:30am.