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Friday, March 24, 2006


I have finally come to grips with the fact that I like Anime. Always have. This past week I watched Howl's Moving Castle which I really enjoyed. The story was great and creative and the animation was beautiful. And, seriously, a real piece of crack smoking genius. Prior to this I'd enjoyed Spirited Away...who doesn't love a radish spirit? But this love of Anime goes way back. To the very early days of Nickelodeon. When they showed The Little Prince and The Mysterious Cities of Gold. I never minded the fact that the mouths moved and no words were coming out. I always loved the emotion conveyed by Anime characters. When they were mad - boy howdy, were they MAD.

But mostly I loved that when someone in a dress ran or twirled, their skirt looked just perfect. Flowing and billowing just like it should.


Trixielamour said...

Chanel, I swear that illustration looks like naked except for red collar!!! What the??????

trixilamour said...

I meant to say it looks like ME naked excpet for a red collar....crap..