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Monday, January 14, 2008

What is your favorite song and why?

Who can pick just one? And since it's my "journal" - I'll write about however many songs I want...but the first has to be the first movement of "Gloria" (Vivaldi). This is a sacred choral work and I think it is a much more jubilant and accessible anthem for Christmas - much more than Handel's "Messiah." There. I said it. I sang this piece during my time in the concert choir in high school (prior to being kicked out of choir, which needs the attention of it's own post). It is such a fun song to sing...and listening to it is so much easier than the Hallelujah Chorus...none of those high shrill notes that make your neck hurt from straining to make sure they hit the notes.

Next is the song that has the most plays in my iTunes - "Here (In Your Arms)" (Hellogoodbye). This song is clean and happy and good for getting things done around the house or getting down the road. Having the musical taste of a 60 year old woman does often limit my exposure to new music and artists. But thanks to a guest blogger over at DesignMom I was introduced and instantly fell in love. I will also say this - I only bought the one song - so if you go and buy the whole album and it's offensive - well - I have no way of knowing that it is or isn't. You're on your own.

"Il Postino Theme" (Luis Bacalov) is one of the sweetest, most transporting themes from a film. The emotion is powerful and the musicality is simple and intricate and can be listened to again and again. I was exposed to this music from a CD of Classics According to Petie, and people - she is not wrong. This Academy Award winning music will change your life.

"Under Pressure" (Queen)...This one is much harder to explain as far as why I love it. But if you don't already love Queen - then adding David Bowie to the mix may be the tipping point. Take another listen and add it to a mix

I was first introduced to "Over the Rainbow" (Eva Cassidy) during a ward campout. The song is such a light and powerful rendition. I still feel like I'm at the coast in the Boersma's fifth-wheel every time I hear it. It's great on a sleepytime mix or a puttering CD. I have always loved Somwhere's Over De Rainbow - a wishing song grounded in lovely music. I just think Eva Cassidy's voice is moving and easy to listen to. And clearly that is a theme in all the music I love - there is simple musicality and it is easy to listen to. Some may say that it's even "easy listening..."which would be right in line with my grandma tastes!

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Trixie L'Amour said...

I could never narrow down to favorites....but I like Il Postino, too....and too many others to name...