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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meeting of the minds...

So - as I've posted before - the Writer's Strike is causing pain for so many people. And I want to know how YOU are coping with the strike? With only re-runs of your favorite stories - what are you watching?

I've added a new show that I hadn't previously watched, but also isn't being affected by the strike:
Top Gear - is a delightful show from the BBC. It's a show about cars and all ground vehicles - and you do not have to be a motor head to enjoy this show. I don't really care about cars (as long as I've got a functioning vehicle, I'm happy.) but this show brings me so much joy - I laugh a lot and I love the presenters. So if you have BBC America, check out Top Gear. You will be glad you did!

But leave me a comment of what you are watching in these dark days of reruns and reality TV.


Mrs. Doctor said...

Don't Forget the Lyrics! I love that show. Any show with a theme song by the Doobie Brothers has to be good, right? :)

Art said...

I'm not a big TV fan for obvious reasons (have you seem my garage!?) but when I can get my hands on the remote I've been know to watch "Terminator - The Sara Conner Chronicles." It's mindless explosions and an endless pursuit by heartless machines but it kind of reminds me of auditing :>)

Bilbo said...

I'm pleased to hear that "Chuck" has two new shows this Thursday. Unfortunately, I don't get BBC America or I'd check out your recommendation. Our family's been getting into some old movies lately, that, and watching a lot of Food Network shows. Morimoto is my favorite Iron Chef.

Kourtney said...

I've been watching the food Network (as I love food and...er...networks), Prison Break
(Michael Scoffield is DREAMY), and reruns of shows I never watched when they were new like What Not To Wear, Reno 911!, and Scrubs.