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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!

After a long and harrowing weekend, I was a winner of a bonus prize for a local radio station. Several months ago I registered with the KLite Platinum Club. This took a few seconds and I really didn't expect to have anything come of it...ever.

But as I was driving to school yesterday morning, my Dad called from the house (as it was his day off) and said that the radio station had called and that I was the daily bonus winner. All he got was the phone number to call. I was so stunned and thrilled! So of course I tuned in to the station and after two songs they announced that everyone should join the Platinum Club and "...you could be a winner like Chanel Taylor of Beaverton who was our bonus winner today - winning a family four pack of tickets to the Winterhawks and a DVD of The Biggest Loser Workout!"

They said my name on the radio! And they said I was a winner!! Very little is better than THAT!

In other news...I'm going to school full time and working more than part time...which is already proving to be less fun than harassing the poor fools who came into the Production Office looking for tape. But I am busy, which is helping the days fly by.


Deeder V said...

I know somebody famous! Woo hoo!

breakfast beaver said...

It's seems appropriate to share this cliche:

You're always a winner with me!

I'll even say your name. Especially when I see you in 3 weeks! Rock on.


grannybabs said...

I've never won much of note - some faux Pyrex dishes from Pork's Milkcan and Family Drive Inn in Centerville, Utha - so I'm impressed!!

grannybabs said...

I am not impressed with my lack of editing skills (or should I say proof-reading skills!)

Porky's Milkcan etc in Utah!