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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rinky Dinky Derby Town

Rest assured that my roller derby days are in the future...the distant future.  But I do want to be ready with the ideal name when I'm ready to join the derby ranks.  The following are my current votes:

A. Full Metal Jacque
B. Happy Killmore
C. Helen Highwater
D. One Hit Wanda
E. Medusa Damage

Each as merit and makes me giggle - which I think is key to a roller derby name.  I also will happily accept your suggestions for clever names.  I just want to be prepared, you guys.


Trish said...

I was thinking Judy Whip-it, but what do I really know about a roller derby! :) But for real, Happy Killmore is clever, witty and perfect for letting people know, this stuff is about to get real! :)

On a second note: You never cease to amaze me! For shiz

Josh Bingham said...

I vote for Helen Highwater. Because the first name is Helen which sounds old and not tough at all.