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Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 2013 - 35 by 35

I've begun to tackle my 35 by 35 list...and this month I am starting with #13 and #20 and #5.  I'm starting with these thanks to my wonderful, thoughtful, generous parents - and thanks to a New Year's stomach bug.

#13 - confidently roller skate for 15 minutes.  
I got roller skates for Christmas from my folks!  So - starting Monday nights I'm joining a group roller skate class.  I'm assured that the average age of the class is 40 years old, so it won't be me hanging out with 6 year old kids that skate a million times better than me.This goal is actually the first step in my quest for roller derby.  No.  I'm not joking.

#20 - learn to play the cello.
I cannot stress enough how much my folks are always in my corner...and they clearly understand that they are several thousand miles away.  They sent me a cello for Christmas...and they will never have to listen to me practice!  These are some really smart people.  But I last night was my first real night of practicing with my cello.  I am so excited and very aware that it will be a lot of work and time before anyone will want to hear me and my cello.  But one day, on your birthday, you'll get a voicemail that sounds like a sick whale singing you "Happy Birthday."  That will be me and my cello!  You're welcome.

#5 - watch a Harry Potter marathon.
Let's remember that all the Harry Potter films add up to about 20 hours of film...so...it's being broken up over time.  I'm making up the rules here - so if you don't consider it a "marathon" if they aren't watched consecutively - you can stick it.  On January 2nd, everyone at our house spent time with a stomach bug.  It was not pretty.  But laying around wondering if you were going to barf, or if someone near you was going to barf, made for a great time to watch the first three Harry Potter films.  So - I'm a 3rd of the way there! 

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Josh Bingham said...

I love that you are learning the cello. I LOVE THE CELLO!!! Also, my cousin, who is 40, started doing roller derby about a year ago. Her name is Jupiter Jones or something and she loves it. I think you would kill at roller derby.