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Thursday, September 10, 2009


So - last night was the much anticipated and ice cream celebrated premier of Glee. I'd waited since MAY to see this show...and...I have to say it: It wasn't great. They'd certainly promoted the heck right out of the show - but they'd also don't that horrible thing that movie previews do: show all the funny bits ahead of time - so there is nothing fun or surprising left for the actual show. Most of the setups in the show - well, I just don't care that they're going to pay them off - and hate the fact that somehow we're supposed to root for our hero to cheat on his wife?! A pretend pregnancy?

I will give it time - because I really want Glee to be what it was in the pilot episode: funny and surprising and full of great (nerdy) singing and dancing. Is that too much to ask? Below is the extended trailer...if somehow you missed it...because you were stuck at the bottom of the ocean since May...

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