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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Feast

The Taylor family had quite a departure from our normal Thanksgiving day festivities...we had people OVER! And we had such a wonderful time...check it out!

I am especially proud that we had seats for all 17 people! No one had to sit on a piano bench or on the floor or anything!

We also had matching "service" for everyone. Well, one table was it's own set of china/stemware/silverware...but everything matched, DUDE! Awesome

Featured here: Elder Cook, Jane Boland and the back of Nikki's head. Nikki followed the rules that pajamas were to be worn. But everyone WAS dressed comfortably - and really, that's what matters most, right?

Looking from the dining room into the living room. Featured here is Merrie Boland, then at the next table (left to right) Bobby Boland, Jane Boland's head, Jordin Roth, Elder Cook's head, and Nikki's hair. Mom sat in that empty chair. At the furthest table you can see me and Petie. Josh also sat with us, but had stepped away from the table when this picture was taken.

After dinner, games were played...like "Wash the dishes!!" and "Store the leftovers!" and "Where's the PIE?!" We also had rousing games of Apples to Apples and Dominos. I also tried to box Jonah on the Wii. I was not successful.

I was so delighted by the day - and had so much fun with people that I loved. And I really do love all the people that joined us yesterday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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