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Thursday, December 25, 2008

So this is Christmas...

I have had a wonderful Christmas this year. The Taylor family is quite traditional and our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions are pretty set in stone...except when one of the four members of our family is serving an LDS Mormon mission . Last year was a little rough as we weren't really sure how to DO Christmas without our boy. But this year we figured it out and, though different, our Christmas Eve and Christmas day have been wonderful!
We had our six Elderos over to enjoy Christmas eve...
Playing dominoes and eating treats
We even had a stop-by of carol singers! They sang a barbershop arrangement of Jingle Bells - so fun!
Then it was time to open presents - all the Elderos got new ties!
Trixie opens some of her wonderful gifts. That scarf isn't just keeping her warm...it's also the perfect accessory to her outfit!
In the picture before this one, Dad was making a really dumb face and it made us all laugh...
And I'm still laughing about it...
Dad and Miss Five - can you tell we're related?! This is just as we were heading out the door this morning in search of eggs. And the Safeway was out of eggs. And the fourth location we tried had the needed eggs.

Merry Christmas!

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LaDonna said...

Hahaha, not too sure what that look is that E. Jensen is giving Jordan! LOL

Those are some awesome pics of my boy though so thanks for sharing!