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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A visit to the park.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to take a trip to the park...and just as we were walking out the door, the skies opened and buckets of rain began to fall. So, to make lemonade from the lemons of rain - Seth opened the back hatch of the Expedition and let the kids play in the back of the car while the storm blew over. And then after that...we played in the puddles. Because that's how we roll...
A lovely day. Just right for a splashfest in the street.
A perfect puddle, right at the end of the driveway
Bennett leaps - but will he stick the landing?!
We all know how this one is going to end...


MKB said...

I am so jealous. I HEART puddle jumping...it is one of my favorite past times. *sigh*

Mark said...

The pictures are great. I can see the park accros the street (nice)and with the perfect puddle ....at the end of the driveway??? Perfect!
Seth... nice move on the twins...a two-fer GENUS! (ask Chanel)

Granelda Thudpucker said...

Looks like fun!!!

Karen said...

See, adults think it requires a park, and swings, and slides... at that age a puddle or water, or mud, can bring great joy.

I have a picture (or 2) of your Daddy, Chanel, and I playing in the gutters at our Grandma n Grandpa's house in Kansas. I can remember the day like it was yesterday. To us is was a divine swimming pool.
Glad you all had fun.
Auntie Karen