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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Taste...

So - on Thursday afternoon we went to the Taste of Chicago - or "The Taste" as it's known by locals. I had such a delightful time - and we ate our way up and down the aisle of wondrous food. The event was really well run - and here are my two favorites - which is not to say that I ate anything I didn't like...
Crab Rangoon - oh hold me

Strawberry kabobs swimming in dark chocolate by the Chicago Chocolate Company. Now, folks. I really don't think I've ever had sweeter, juicier strawberries in my LIFE. And the fact that they were swimming in chocolate didn't hurt either. Di-vine.

I had such a good time - but by the end I was so full I wanted to die. Once we'd reached our limit we headed home - and basked in the glory of our cuisinetainment. The highlight (other than the food) was overhearing this family discussion:

A mother with two daughters (one 13 years old and one 9 years old) approach the Ferris wheel. Clearly the 9 year old wants to ride the Ferris wheel:

Mother: NO, look at that line - it's like 20 minutes long!

9 year old: So?

13 year old (wise beyond her years): Don't you know what you could EAT in 20 minutes?!

Truer words were NEVER spoken.


Granelda Thudpucker said...

Sign me up!

Mrs. Doctor said...

What a great story!